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Who we are?

Alienleaf Studio is about perfect madness, and not the kind of madness that needs therapy. With us, our work is the therapy. We strive for perfection in our work through a certain kind of madness. We like to let our imaginations do the talking, and it tells you exactly what you need to hear. We exist to create, and not just to create. We exist to create terrific work, because we understand that there is a difference between good and bad art, and we do not want to add to what, with all due respect, may be considered bad.

You could call us digital artists, because that is exactly who we are. In any case, that's what we like to call ourselves anyway!! We segregate sense from nonsense. We sometimes even try to turn nonsense into sense. If that makes any sense. With a collective industry experience of ten years and more, we believe that we are now experts at what we do. We, of course, never stop pushing the envelope. At Alienleaf Studio, each new project is a challenge to one-up the previous. What drives us is this perpetual competition with ourselves. We genuinely hope that you will see the difference between “The Good” (our work), “The BAd and The Ugly.”

Meet the Team

Dipankar Sinha

a free and unconstrained spirit, with black coffee as his elixir and a passion for digital art. He has been working in design, print & Advt. Industry for over ten years.

  • In charge of Graphics
  • Free spirited and unconstrained thinker
Dipankar Sinha
Lenin Nongsiej
Jeff Shadap
Rinchin Choden